Katie Holmes Back to Work and Living Life Without Tom

When Tom Cruise infamously professed his love for Katie Holmes by jumping on Oprah Winfrey’s couch, the scrutiny began. People began predicting how long the relationship would last, though many admittedly were rooting for the photogenic couple, especially after the birth of their daughter Suri. Unfortunately, the marriage ended very suddenly just five years after it had begun. The questions on everyone’s mind were how quickly Katie would move on and whether her career would suffer any ill effects from her quickie divorce.

Katie tried to stay out of the public spotlight in the days immediately after the shocking announcement of her divorce filing. She shacked up in a luxury apartment in New York City, where it was rumored she wanted to live full time instead of Los Angeles, which is where Cruise preferred to live. She had custody of the couple’s cute-as-a-button daughter while Tom was away filming a movie. The press was ready outside her building to take pictures of her as she came and went from meetings with her lawyers and agent, carefully plotting her future without Cruise.

After a quick settlement over money and custody, Katie stayed in New York City, where she signed up to perform in director Theresa Rebeck’s play “Dead Accounts” opposite Tony-winning Broadway veteran Norbert Leo Butz. She received generally positive reviews, but the play ended up closing nearly two months earlier than anticipated. Still, she gained lots of respect for taking on Broadway, with its rigorous schedule of eight shows each week, two of which were on Sunday. It looked like Katie was well on her way to reclaiming the acting career she’d mostly put on hold while still married to Cruise.

She quickly began signing up for film roles, the first of which was “Days and Nights” from writer and director Christian Camargo. The project, which was originally entitled “The Seagull,” was based on the play of the same name from Russian writer Anton Chekhov. She would again be working with veteran actors, as the film costars such greats as William Hurt, Jean Reno, and Allison Janney. The details of the film are being kept under wraps, but it’s due for a late 2013 release, with Katie rumored to be playing a part similar to Nina, the young ingénue from the play.

Next, she signed on for a film called “Mania Days,” which is currently filming with a targeted release of sometime in 2014. The film centers on two patients in a psychiatric hospital who are both manic-depressives. It’s a hard condition to manage, especially when trying to date and maintain a meaningful relationship. The two fall in love, but it isn’t all hearts and roses for them because they’re both trying to navigate their conditions while getting to know each other.

Finally, Katie joined the cast of “Responsible Adults,” a romantic comedy from director Jon Poll. She gets the lead role of Liz Quinn, a student going through the rigors of medical school. She meets Baxter Wood (Chace Crawford), who she used to babysit when she was a teenager. Will the two fall in love or will it be too weird for Liz to date someone she used to sit for? There’s no set release date for the project, which was scripted by actor Alex Schemmer, marking his first foray into feature film writing.

It seems Katie is keeping very busy with her career, so many are wondering if she’s having as much success in her personal life. While the very private Katie hasn’t yet been photographed out on a date, there are rumors she’s cozying up to one of her costars. The paparazzi have been taking pictures of her both on and off the set of “Mania Days,” where her character has gotten hot and heavy with the character of Canadian actor Luke Kirby. Neither actor has confirmed or denied a romance, but they’ve been spotted having lunch together away from the set, so something could be brewing.

Even if there’s nothing happening with Kirby or things just don’t work out, Katie Holmes has plenty of other pursuits to occupy her time. She’s still considered a fashion icon, appearing on the covers of magazines like “Allure” among others. She has also expressed interest in pursuing a law degree in lieu of acting since she comes from a long line of lawyers and has always been fascinated by the profession. No matter which career she chooses to pursue, Katie obviously has her life together and is ready to move on without Tom.

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