Stark Still Has It – Iron Man 3 Movie Review

After the slightly disappointing sequel to the original Iron Man movie, Marvel needed to turn it up for Tony Starks’ third time going solo. Robert Downey Jr was seemingly made for this role and plays it to perfection, he just needs a great story to match his performance.

The movie begins in 1999, and to the tune of Eiffel 65. Tony is having an elevator ride with inventor Maya Hansen, the creator of Extremis, and Aldrich Killian, who offers them both a place at AIM (Advanced Idea Mechanics). Stark rejects the offer, and humiliates Killian. The movie then fast forwards you to present day with Pepper Potts running the company Stark built, while Stark spends his days building Iron Man suits. A string of bombings by a terrorist known as the Mandarin grabs Tony’s attention, who issues him a challenge. This backfires on Tony leaving him with nothing. The whole world thinks Tony is dead, so he decides to team up with a ten year old boy named Harvey to investigate the Mandarin and stop him before he causes even more mayhem.

Robert Downey Jr is outstanding, as always in the role he seemed destined to play. He delivers the one-liners with elegance and is extremely entertaining to watch. I think the franchise would be nowhere near as successful without Downey in the title role, he very much makes it his own.

I was surprised by Ben Kingsley, although his character didn’t turn out quite what I was expecting, he was thoroughly entertaining to watch.

I was slightly disappointed with Gwyneth Paltrow. I liked her in the role of Pepper Pots, but I thought she took up far to much screen time. It was all a little dull, and uninteresting. I think they were trying to meat out a thin character, and it didn’t come off too well. If they had went into her backstory, a little more, or even fleshed out her character over the previous two movies, then this would have bought me into her character more this time round, but unfortunately that wasn’t the case and I struggled to connect to her story.

I thought Guy Pearce was well cast as Killian, he seemed to perfectly fit the character, being an intellectual genius and extremely slimey at the same time. He created a character that I instantly wanted to hate, which is an excellent character trait for a bad guy.

The movie excels with its special effects and super hero action. The CGI seemed to blend into the movie perfectly for me, as I sometimes find to much CGI a great distraction, this seemed to blend and balance it perfectly for me. I would not say that this has as much Iron Man action as previous outings, but still more than enough to wet your action apetite. A special mention needs to go to War Machine/Iron Patriot, who I felt got a great crack of the whip. One thing about the Iron Man franchise that I have always liked is that it gives War Machine a nice amount of screen time, as I like the character.

The movie had a great mix of action, humor and story development that makes the movie extremely entertaining, as well as marching along the Marvel Universe timeline nicely. The movie tries to restrict the seriousness, and plays to Downey’s charismatic humor which comes over on screen so well. The only down point for some fans may be the lack or Iron Man, and the over exposure of Stark, but I thought it was OK.

Overall though, this movie is great superhero fodder that will no doubt continue the trend of box office super hero movies and do extremely well. Although it does not measure up to The Avengers, it is not far behind, and in my opinion the best Iron Man movie to date.

**Note: Stick around after the credits to see an entertaining scene with Tony Stark and Bruce Banner a.ka. The Incredible Hulk. – Where you get to have YOUR say on MOVIES.

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