Top 3 Romantic Movies You Should See

If you are looking for some romance, grab your date, cuddle up, and tune into these three romantic classics. You may want to have a fresh box of tissues available, just in case.

Something Borrowed

One view of the new movie trailer for this 2010 film and you’ll be hooked. An outstanding cast featuring Ginnifer Goodwin and Kate Hudson as best friends who happen to have more in common than just friendship. Colin Egglesfield is Dex, who attended law school with Goodwin’s character, Rachel. Hudson plays Darcy, Rachel’s best friend, who introduces her to Dex. After her 30th birthday party, Rachel and Dex wake up in bed together and the fun begins. John Krasinski stars as Ethan, another of Rachel’s good friends. Ethan will reveal his love for Rachel, but she is, and always has been, in love with Dex. See how the love triangle, or quadrangle, plays out in the end.

A Walk To Remember

Face it. Nicholas Sparks writes some great stories and A Walk To Remember is just one of many. Unlike the novel, the movie is set in 1998 and is truly uplifting, romantic story. Landon Carter, played by Shane West, is the popular, but rebellious, tough guy in school who winds up falling for Jamie Sullivan (Mandy Moore), the quiet girl that others bully. Jamie and Landon become closer as Jamie reveals her wish list. At the time of release, the new movie trailer showed Landon working to fulfill many of Jamie’s wishes, including getting a tattoo. Eventually, Jamie reveals that she is suffering from a terminal illness. Her final wish – to witness a miracle – comes true at the end of the movie. Make sure the tissues are on hand as you watch.

The Notebook

Yes, it’s Sparks again. The Notebook may be the greatest romantic film of all time. The story is narrated by James Garner’s character who is telling the story to a fellow nursing home resident, played by Gena Rowlands. The new movie trailer for the film was released in early 2004 and, after mixed reviews and a fair showing at the box office, The Notebook has gathered somewhat of a cult following in recent years. Ryan Gosling plays Noah, a country boy who falls for the rich southern belle, Rachel McAdams’ Allie. Allie’s parents forbid her to see Noah. The story is set in the 1940s and Noah goes off to fight in World War II. Upon returning home he begins restoring his dream house, a house that Allie happens to see in a photograph while she is being fitted for a wedding dress. Allie will eventually choose Noah. In the present, Garner’s character continues telling the story to Rowlands, but he pauses before the ending. Eventually, she remembers what happened. A truly beautiful story of life-long love, watch The Notebook, one of the all-time greats.


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