The Different Types and Styles of Gaming Headsets

Do you enjoy playing online computer games and online video games? If so, wouldn’t be nice if you had the best gaming headset to listen, coerce with team mates, while playing your games? By understanding the different options for gaming headsets available on the current market and with the latest audio technologies, one would be able to enhance their online gaming experience to a whole new level.

As there are many technologies available for just about every tech related market, the headphones industry has and will always be staying up to date due to all the related applications they are used for. Professional, high quality, and state of the art headphones and headsets are not necessarily the cheapest, but for some uses, the cost of these types of headphones is priceless. Some of the more popular styles of headphones and headsets are as follows-

– Blue Tooth Head Sets – These types of headsets are the latest in audio integration, ease of use, hands free, and user enhancement technology. Blue tooth head sets are typically used to integrate with other electronic devices that accept audio device and microphone device integration.

– USB Head Sets- USB headsets can be described as any type of headset setup that plugs into a computer, gaming system, smart device, laptop, or any other electronics that accepts USB headsets.

– Analog Headset- AN analog headphone set is basically the older way of connecting headphones into electronic devices like walk mans, stereos, electronics guitars, amplifiers, or any other electronics that accepts analog plug-in devices.

– Professional Grade Headsets- High quality and professional grade headsets are usually set up with analog style design but with higher quality wires (usually made of gold or gold platted), and headphone speakers. These types of headsets and headphones are usually used with music and video production.

The Different Styles of Headphones and Headsets

– Single Ear Piece- This type can be described as it sounds. A single earpiece that a user can both hear and speak from one compact device. Popular with blue tooth devices.

– Single Ear Piece and Microphone – This type of headset is made up of two parts; the earpiece for listening, and the microphone for speaking. These are also very popular with blue tooth devices.

– Dual Ear Piece Headphones and Microphone – This particular type is composed of a full headphone set along with a separate microphone piece.

Common Uses for Headsets and Head Phones

– Personal Use Headphones – For use for any personal or general purpose. Walk mans, I pods, mp3 players, mobile and smart devices, and more.

– Gaming Headsets- These types of headsets are used for video game and online gaming purposes. They are used in situations when you need to hear every detail for largest and effective gaming needs.

– Headphones for Music Industry- These types of headphones are high quality and usually high cost as they are for hearing every sound in a song and from every variation possible.

– Head phones for Media Industries- This particular type of headphone and head set is used for application such as TV, Radio, Talk shows, Real TV, and for many other media uses.

– Head Phones for Video Creation and Video Editing- These types of headphones are very similar to music industry and media industry applications. They are used for high quality and multiple variation listening setting and options for maximum editing purposes.

– Headphones and Headsets for Call Center or Virtual Call Agents- These types of headsets are used for your average customer care representative, call support center agent, or live help desk agent.

As you can see there are many different types and styles of headphones and headsets to choose from. For gaming headsets in particular, there are many options alone for this particular sub group of headsets, therefore ample time should be taken when comparing gaming headsets to buy gaming headsets.

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