Review of Zombieland The Series

I actually really enjoyed watching this episode…and this is coming from someone who was telling his friends how much it was going to suck. Yeah, it lacks the charm of the old cast, but makes up for it with the new cast and a new type of charm. I like that they continue to keep the comedy alive with a hint of a love story, and although the main focus of the story feels a little dry, I think they have a lot going on! I will definitely keep watching if they keep coming out with new episodes.

I wanted to love Zombie Land, as a fan of the original. I really did. After watching, I mentioned to friends that it’d make an excellent TV show (not realizing the movie was originally pitched as a TV show ).

However the pilot felt like Zombieland sans the wit that made Zombieland funny. Sure, you have continuation of the story, but do we really want to see someone else try to recreate Woody Harrelson’s Tallahassee? I’d probably enjoyed a fresh new batch of characters rather than have other actors reprise the roles of A-list actors, which made the original great.

I’m not one to rail on plot holes but every other human encountered happened to be surviving in the strangest of ways. Were we supposed to believe that a window washer continued washing windows during the zombie apocalypse, or a woman survived in a tent in the middle of LA and yet another survivor was just hanging out in a construction yard without weapons? Granted Zombieland is a comedy, it didn’t even make a lick of sense. The jokes were mostly flatliners, a woman who pronounces her name Regina as Rah-gine-nah which sounds like female anatomy? I’m all for lewd humor but when that’s your ace-in-the-hole joke, you have script issues.

Bringing back Columbus’s rules felt forced. I’m pretty sure the pitch is each episode would follow one of the “Rules” to surviving the Zombie apocalypse. Seems like a good idea on paper, but when “don’t lose hope” is your pilot rule and the characters through out the episode are so unconcerned with their environment, do we even sense they’re losing hope? Worse, I’m losing hope for Zombieland.

Of the several pilots I’ve watched, this has been the weakest, and its the one I wanted to like the most 😦

The opening of the show is great. Really sets the mood and is really funny. Other than that, the show is pretty good, just not exceptional. It’s too hard watching it without comparing to the movie. Especially when it takes a step back from the movie in terms of the teenage relationship, and in assuming that we should know these characters from the film. The acting is pretty good, though the oldest girl seems to be trying too hard to be like Emma Stone. The other people are fine. The disregard for human life is kind of contradictory to the movie, and would be disturbing if it weren’t for the show setting itself up so well in the beginning. I think it has some good ideas and set the tone up well, it just needs to have better production value and lighting. It also should not so readily kill off any/all survivors. The product placement is a little hokey. Overall, still better than most crap on TV.


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